All Sauces are available in 125ml, 250ml, 375ml and also 2L and 5L catering sizes!

Hot Green Chili

Mild Red Chilli-Pepper 

Chili & Mint


Mild Piri-Piri

Lemon & Herb

Garlic Piri-Piri

Extra Hot Piri-Piri

Passion Fruit Piri-Piri

African Peach Chutney

Strawberry & Habanero Chutney

African Chakalaka Relish

Natural Avocado Oil

Lemon Avocado Oil

Garlic Avocado Oil

Rasberry Nectar

Cherry Berry Nectar

Chili Mayo

Cheeki-Cheeki Sauces

Cheeki-Cheeki Sauces

Who We Are

At Great Hearts of Africa we manufacture only the best sauces out of the heart of Southern Africa and export to many parts of the world. Our products are world renowned by clients who have supported us for the past 15 years. Give us a call today and we can assist you with your order.

Hot Chili Sauce

Intense, like the African Sun, this is for the Chilli-Lover, a sauce that combines Heat with lots of great flavour. Spice up any dish! .  

Heat 7/10

Mild Red Chilli-Pepper Sauce

A mild, spicy-sweet Sauce with a delicate flavour. It contains red Bell peppers, mild red Chillis and Peaches. Enjoy as a condiment, great to cook and marinade with. 

Heat 2/10

Chilli & Mint Sauce

The delicious combination of Chilli & Mint takes you by surprise and goes well with Lamb, Beef and Vegetable dishes.

Heat 4/10

Habanero Sauce

Very Hot and tasty Sauce made with fresh Habanero Peppers, for real Chilli Lovers only!

Heat 10/10

Mild Piri-Piri Sauce

This Sauce is mild without compromising a true African flavours, Fantastic condiment with Fish, Chicken and Meat, Vegetable or pasta dishes get new life with a few drops of our Mild Piri Piri!

Heat 3/10

Lemon & Herb Piri-Piri Sauce

This is a delicious blend of Piri Piri Chillis, fresh Lemon juice & Herbs, true Mozambican style! Great with chicken, fish, seafood & as a marinade. Fantastic on grilled mushrooms or in a stir-fry. 

Heat 3/10

Garlic Piri-Piri Sauce

Medium-hot, with a wonderful spicy flavour which will remind you of exotic places and spark your imagination!  This Sauce is a ‘must’ for the food lovers table!

Heat 6/10

Extra Hot Piri-Piri Sauce

Fiery Hot Sauce, traditional Mozambican style, for the serious Chilli-lover this is a tasty treat! Enjoy with seafood, Chicken, grilled meat, on Pizza and your breakfast eggs. Fantastic as a marinade! 

Heat 9/10

Passion Fruit Piri-Piri Sauce

Our version of a Sweet Chilli Sauce.

It is made with fresh Passion Fruit and has a tangy, mild Chilli flavour, a real taste sensation!

Great with Chicken, veggies and with cheese!

Heat 2/10

African Peach Chutney

In South Africa, Chutney, usually served with curry.  Sweet chutney is a tasty addition to bread/sandwiches or crackers and cheese.  Chutney can be served as a condiment for a fancy meal or as a casual snack with tortilla chips. Great as a cooking ingredient, to add an interesting exotic flavour to stews, chicken and meat dishes. 
Heat 3/10

Habanero & Strawberry Chutney

 Delicious, sweet & spicy Chutney made with fresh Strawberries & Habanero Peppers.  Serve with fish, Schnitzel, Cheese & crackers.  
Heat 4/10

African Chakalaka Relish

Chakalaka is a traditional, spicy South African tomato-vegetable Relish.  You will love its delicious, rich flavour.  Chakalaka is served as a sauce, a relish or as a dip and can be enjoyed as a condiment with all meat, chicken and fish dishes, pasta, curries, stews, hamburger and hot-dogs. It is also wonderful as a cooking ingredient and can be served hot or cold. 
Heat 4/10

African Berry Nectar is a tantalising cordial made from fresh berries and is so versatile that you can add it to almost anything including Champagne, Wine, Cocktails; Sparkling water, Lemonade, Desserts, Smoothies or you can even pour it over Ice-cream!

Imagine your drinks selection being full of colour, taste and life, African Berry Nectar/Berrilucious is the perfect product to turn any occasion into something magical! 

We have  two divinely delicious flavours i.e. Raspberry & CherryBerry (Cherry & Blueberry).

Of course, to make things even better, Berries are full of antioxidants and are a rich source of healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals so not only does Berrilucious create a whole new world of flavour, it is good for you too! 

This delicious, creamy and spicy Mayonnaise is a great dip for Veggies, Nachos and Chips.  Great with Seafood, Sandwiches Burgers, Steakrolls, Wraps and Salad!

Must try: Avocado Ritz with our Chilli Mayo

These unique, new Hot Sauces have a creative blend of ingredients,  a perfect balance between flavor and Heat! This is a taste sensation you have to experience for yourself, the rich, magical flavors of Africa!

Cheeki-Cheeki Zulu Sauce:  very hot, tasty combination of 3 kinds of peppers, plum and apricot.

Cheeki-Cheeki Jalapeño Sauce: delicious very Hot flavorful Sauce, with Jalapeños, cucumber and mint.